The Heart of Service: Jennifer Grooms Takes Action With RekMed

Menachem Quintana
3 min readJul 24, 2020


More than the boost any caffeine can offer, it is the sense of being needed that fuels a person to keep going. True enough, there is no better reason to get out of bed each morning than to fulfill one’s life purpose, which is to show up for others.

Despite the unchanging reality that people tend to think of themselves first, there are still those who step up with empathy and a sense of community. Emboldened by her benevolent spirit, Jennifer Grooms sparks a growing movement with her warm presence and compassion for others. And being the visionary behind RekMed, she shows the world the beauty of cooperation and coexistence.

Highly regarded for being one of the best nurses at multiple level-one trauma centers, Jennifer is seen dedicating years and years of her life to serving those in need. But before her nursing experience, she initially worked as a well-respected mental health counselor in the emergency department. And with such substantial work experience, she became one of the most dependable figures in the health sector.

Believing that genuine success lies in the heart of service, Jennifer set out to be a salutary force in society. And in alignment with this lifelong mission, she tapped into her entrepreneurial side. Consequently, she created RekMed — a company grounded on the mission of inspiring students and professionals in the medical field.

Taking it from her father, Jennifer lives by the principle that people cannot truly thrive until they learn to open their hearts and give back. And using this principle as the foundation of RekMed, she steers the company into creating scholarships for low-socio individuals who are in dire need of financial support to get into the medical profession. Thus, she came up with private scholarships that are anchored in social works and programs.

Since RekMed is geared to assist busy individuals like medical students and health professionals, the company thought of an innovative way that would make the latter’s lives easier. And after much deliberation, RekMed came out with a planner that aims to break down hectic schedules into manageable time blocks. In addition, the planner also contains educational health modules that are convenient for those who are always on the go.

But more than being a handy productivity tool, RekMed’s planners were designed to alleviate stress and foster creativity. And having seen how many lives these planners have changed for the better, Jennifer promises herself that she would continue giving back to the medical community in whatever way she can.

For Jennifer, RekMed is more than just another company trying to make its way in the industry. Instead, she considers it as a passion project that reminds her of why she is here on earth — to serve.

By relinquishing herself to the advocacy of serving others, Jennifer was able to exhibit the excellent quality of connecting with something larger than herself. And as she continues to pierce the veil of self-interest, she proves that it is only by being selfless and working together that one can make life worth living.

To know more about Jennifer Grooms and RekMed, you may visit their website.