Stryker the Cat Steals More Hearts as He Ventures into the NFT Space

With NFTs hitting mainstream this year, the digital asset industry has seen its fair share of collections launched by individuals and companies alike. As it continues to grow in prominence, these one-of-a-kind assets are expected to attract the interest not only of those who are well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the financial realm but also artists and creators from numerous fields. Given how non-fungible tokens provide clear proof of authorship and ownership by the artists, it’s not surprising why they have appealed to such a demographic. However, amid the sea of musicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who have launched their signature collections, there are also those who are wielding the power of NFTs to make a difference in communities and raise awareness about issues that matter today. Among the purpose-driven figures doing so are the owners of Stryker the Cat.

The feline who took the Internet by storm and secured a Guinness World Record for being the most followed Savannah cat on TikTok, Stryker is a rescue who was born in Ohio and lived part of his life in a cage. But since his breed needs to run, jump, and hunt, the immensely limiting conditions he was found in were nowhere near ideal and, at the very worst, cruel. Fortunately, Shlomo and Joe, the social media star’s current owners, happened to come across an advertisement looking to place him in a new home. One detour on a road trip back to Southern Florida after and the playful cat had new fur parents.

Stryker soon hogged the spotlight, becoming an online sensation on multiple platforms for his love of raw chicken and adorable demeanor. Right now, he boasts over 800,000 thousand followers on Instagram and has amassed eight million fans on TikTok. While immensely delighted that they are in the position to care for Stryker, his owners are also highly cognizant of the considerable number of cats in need of help, an awareness that serves as the impetus behind their move to ride the new wave of NFTs for a good cause.

On October 28, Stryker will not only steal more hearts but also help shed light on the importance of freeing animals from distressing circumstances through the launch of 8,888 exclusive NFTs. All in honor of the Savannah cat’s seventh birthday, which Shlomo and Joe celebrated on October 16, the unique pieces of art to be minted only make up the first phase of a series of initiatives aimed toward leveraging his impact and visibility to help other animals.

At the heart of the upcoming entry of Stryker the Cat NFTs in the world of digital assets is the overarching goal of bringing more awareness to all furry friends needing forever homes and financially contributing to the efforts to protect and rescue cats. With a portion of the proceeds set to be donated to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, the hope is that the money raised will help give animals the life they deserve.

Learn more about Stryker the Cat NFTs by visiting its website. More information about the well-loved feline can also be found on his Instagram and TikTok page.




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