Rising NFT Community C.U.B Kingdom Targets Monetization of Its Own Tokens

Menachem Quintana
3 min readJan 26, 2022


A lot of crypto enthusiasts and avid non-fungible token (NFT) collectors often look for monetization possibilities within their investment choices. Sure, buying an NFT means having a valuable asset in one’s collection that can eventually be sold, but being able to monetize this same asset and turn it into something more promising is the bigger prize to be seized. Emerging token community C.U.B Kingdom is well aware of this innate desire among investors, and it intends to meet this expectation as it plans to monetize its own tokens for internal events and games. This comes as an exciting possibility for many sharp investors who are always looking for new ways of earning.

Additionally, the token community also plans to develop physical hideouts in different regions across the globe, believing that this is something that future community members will find interesting and exhilarating. As an emerging NFT space, C.U.B Kingdom has every intention of catching the attention of potential members, and making this piece of information known to the public is working to its great advantage. Apart from this, the community also has plans of reinvesting a portion of its funds to the business vertical through its own decentralized autonomous organization (D.A.O.) to engage members as shareholders at the same time.

“We strongly believe that every business has the potential to unleash and grow. However, we acknowledge that many businesses may lack the funds and opportunity to expand. Thus, we hope to step in and lend a helping hand to these businesses by bridging them to the global markets, thereby bringing in more opportunities,” the creators shared.

These potential are stirring up the curiosity of investors within the metaverse, curious about the other plans the C.U.B Kingdom may have for its future holders. The community promises nothing but pure fun, a worthy investment, and a solid future within the confines of its space.

Apart from these exciting possibilities that future holders can look forward to, the community is also quite proud of its lovable 3D characters: the tigers. These adorable token characters come with more than 150 carefully handpicked traits by one of Singapore’s leading animation studios. The tiger characters bear a symbol on their forehead, the Chinese character for a king. Not only does it symbolize the kingdom being built within the community, but it also exemplifies sophistication and the confident bearing of every royalty.

The community is also designed to be an inclusive space that will embrace all sorts of personalities and backgrounds. Just like each distinct type of tiger worldwide, there is a C.U.B Kingdom tiger meant for everyone. “Tigers were chosen as the main character of our art as no two tigers have the same stripes. We believe that every single one of us is unique, and we can all come together to form a strong pack, embracing each other’s individuality,” the community creators explained.

While the token community has yet to announce its official launching date, the metaverse is already abuzz with potential holders waiting to receive the right kind of information very soon.