Rising Artist GriffPX on His Serendipitous Rise to Instagram Fame and Journey Into the Music Industry

In this digital age, millennials have emphasized the importance of social media in their lives. Used mainly for entertainment, millennials have turned social media into a platform to make a name for themselves, producing influencers. Justin Griffin is an individual who has managed to build the foundations for his music career through Instagram as GriffPX.

Justin Griffin is a 21-year-old musician, songwriter, YouTuber, and fashion influencer from Niagara Falls, New York. Initially, when he joined Instagram, his feed consisted of memes and funny videos. Whenever Griffin was bored, he would upload snippets of his music. He would get more exposure when Canadian rapper Tory Lanez allowed him to play his music outside his tour bus. The opportunity would propel Griffin’s Instagram and music to great heights. With a chance to pursue his passion, Griffin branded himself as GriffPX and started working hard to build his foundation as an artist.

Growing up, Griffin watched his family as they worked hard to make sure there was always food on the table. His father and sister were two of his role models and provided him with a blueprint of the work ethic he needed to develop to get what he wanted. Griffin’s sister would buy him things like clothes and shoes, and he would sell them at school to afford studio time. To this day, his sister still has no idea.

Once Justin Griffin set his eyes on building his music career, he would spend more time skipping school to work on his craft in the studio. While most people would be under the impression that he would not make it out of high school, Griffin managed to do so while skipping classes.

The up-and-coming artist found more motivation as he discovered that his idols like Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, and Kanye West all started around the same age as him. Griffin was driven to put more effort into his work to emulate his idol’s successes. He would also delve into his fascination with creative music and fashion to the fullest extent.

Since gaining momentum as an artist, Griffin has been getting into fashion, creating a clothing brand of his own called HK. The rising artist has been studying fashion and plans to take his ideas even further. His cousin Jayla has recently graduated from Buffalo State University, and Griffin greatly admires her work. He believes that his cousin has the potential to reach and maybe even go beyond the level of established brands like Prada and Gucci.

Justin Griffin released his first EP album titled Galileo in 2020 and is set to release his official debut album later this year. Griffin is set on creating music with his incredible work ethic that can cement his legacy and top the billboard charts and win awards. He sees himself performing in sold-out concerts and tours, working with his childhood heroes, and becoming a top fashion influencer.

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