Paul Dang Diaz Brings His Mortgage Expertise and Compassion in the Embrace Home Loan Family

Virginia is home to some of the most borrower-friendly mortgage companies, especially for eligible service members, veterans, or qualifying military spouses who qualify for VA loans. Although there are many companies in the state, Embrace Home Loans is right up there as one of the most trusted companies. Operating for many years, the mortgage company received a boost in its team with Paul Dang Diaz.

Originally from Texas, Paul Dang Diaz graduated from James Madison University. A young, fresh graduate, many opportunities were presented before him. He ultimately decided to join the military, working in Operation Desert Shield. He later became a CPR instructor before deciding that it was time to hang the boots. Upon his return, Paul found work as an account executive at New Century Mortgage, where he thrived and picked up knowledge in the loan and mortgage industry.

From there, Paul dedicated his career to playing different roles in the loan industry. He would find work as an account executive, mortgage consultant, and loan officer. But, regardless of where he wound up, Paul Diaz found himself drawn to helping people get the necessary funds they needed for their businesses, education, dream home, or dream car.

For two decades, as he navigated his way through the industry, Paul started to grow a reputation for his work, receiving offers from various companies. Finally, despite the lucrative deals before him, Paul was drawn to the Embrace Home Loans team. Seeing their influence in Virginia, he knew that there was no other team he wanted to join.

Embrace Home Loan has been in the business for over three decades, helping home buyers and homeowners get the financial help they need to acquire new homes, refinance existing mortgages, or consolidate high-interest debt. A company dedicated to the people, Embrace Home Loan, strives to meet customer satisfaction, helping them win awards through the years. Virginia’s loan program has also been beneficial to the company’s mission, bringing borrowers a reliable single point of contact bilingual in English and Spanish.

Embrace Home Loan developed several programs that are designed to help their clients depending on their situations. Among their programs is the conventional loan, offering more flexibility with the costs accompanying the loan at a less expensive price compared to others. They also have VA loans, allowing veterans to purchase their homes with little or no down payment. It is also easier to qualify for compared to mortgages. In addition, VA loans are safer mortgages with better interest rates than traditional loan programs because of the guarantee provided by the Federal Government through the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

“We are always developing new loan products to fit the individual needs of our borrowers,” they said, “When you work with us, you’ll discover why getting a mortgage is so much better when you ‘Embrace’ it.”

Paul Diaz’s inclusion in the Embrace team allows him to not only thrive in his career but also bring honesty, compassion, and straightforward professionalism to every client he serves. Currently living in Haymarket, Virginia, Paul enjoys his days off at the beach with a fishing pole in the water.

You can connect with Paul Dang Diaz through Facebook and LinkedIn.




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