Lucas Muñoz Details His Struggles to Emerge as One of Florida’s Finest

The journey to the top is never easy; neither is the journey towards self-discovery. Growing up for some people is more challenging than the experiences of others. However, this is not in any way an attempt to undermine anybody’s experiences. Instead, it is an appraisal of people who have gone through some of the worst possible experiences and came out of it unscathed or stronger than they were before. From battling to fit into his immediate society to battling with societal pressure, which in turn led him into a period of acute depression, Lucas Muñoz is someone who did not only overcome these challenges but he also shattered the barrier and surpassed every expectation or limitation that threatened his journey to self-discovery.

Born in New Jersey, Lucas Muñoz is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Central Florida who has grown into a rave of the moment despite a torrid past. Music for Lucas began at the tender age of four when he started learning guitar from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. He spent the next few years playing guitar in church, middle school and high school. Then, in 2010, aged 14, Lucas moved to Florida and decided to pursue music professionally, and since then, he hasn’t looked back.

Lucas recalls his childhood and teenage years when he struggled to fit in on what motivated him into getting on the mic and deciding to make music professionally. As a kid who experienced bullying at its worst form, he battled with a weight problem and faced rejection from many girls because he was considered too awkward and weird. “All of that contributed to my struggling with my mental health.” He said. And music became the only outlet through which he could express himself, drown his pain and tell his story. “It took me years through music therapy and seeking help to play the pain away through my guitar and my songs.”

Owing his musical influences to guitarists such as Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, Slash and Gary, More. Once he was in Florida, Lucas began to play in the local scenes alongside his father, combining jazz, Latin, blues and fusion. By the time he was 18, Lucas had enrolled at Warner University for his undergraduate studies, and there he became invested in the performing arts. His time as an undergraduate didn’t deter him from pursuing his music career, as he spent the next few years of his program playing guitar for the university’s chapel band and jazz ensemble.

In 2018, Lucas delved fully into the Jazz scene within South Florida after studying the genre and spent the next few years honing his guitar, singing, and songwriting skills. Once his learning phase was over, Lucas began experimenting with different styles and genres. In 2020, he recorded and released his debut EP Mutasis. The EP combines all of Muñoz’s influences while delving into the music that he enjoys listening to today, such as dark pop, hip-hop, alternative, blues, and rock.

Aside from his unique ability to get out of his comfort zones to combine as many genres of music as possible, Lucas is also reaching out to a demographic comprising mainly of Gen Z while showing them that it is acceptable to address and talk about topics that have been deemed too extreme or a taboo. For Lucas, music is life, and the only way he derives joy is by doing what he loves, which includes writing, recording music and most importantly, performing in front of an audience. In five years, Lucas hopes to continue making an impact with his music, “I want to make an impact on as many people’s lives as I can in the future.”

Lucas Muñoz currently writes, records, and produces his music at his home studio and is a session guitarist for artists in the Tampa Bay area. While upholding his authenticity as a songwriter, producer, and performer, Muñoz serves his church playing guitar in the worship team on weekends. Lucas graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018 and his Master of Business Administration in 2020 from Warner University.

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