Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti Highlights Women’s Power Through Acclaimed Book “Memoirs of a Working Mother”

Inarguably, childbirth impacts women’s professions and serves as one o the significant factors behind the divergence in the career paths taken by women and men after their children have been born. While fathers could quickly jump back into work, a large percentage of mothers decide to stop working full-time because the balance between attending to their jobs and motherhood is challenging to maintain. Shedding light on the experiences of working mothers, Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti, popularly known as Linda Arrey, shares with the world her brainchild — the insight-rich book “Memoirs of a Working Mother: Fighting for Balance, Managing Expectations, and Channeling Love.”

This author and icon is an Air Force captain who has had her fair share of struggles and triumphs. She is an international keynote speaker and nonprofit business coach credited for the establishment of Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment Inc., a philanthropic organization that caters to female leaders. Now wielding the power of books in inspiring others, she is on a mission to make women feel less alone in their journeys.

As a self-help tool for fellow servicewomen and working moms, Memoirs of a Working Mother dives into the ways they could thrive at home and work. In this book, Linda reveals her personal experience with returning to work after childbirth, battling uterine fibroids, finding a balance between career and family, and loving the reflection she sees in the mirror.

By offering stories, strategies, and anecdotes, this purpose-driven personality hopes to guide others as they climb out of the pits that they might have fallen into and toward a place of fulfillment and success. Additionally, lying at the core of her message is the recognition that women do so much for the world. From endless loads of laundry to hours spent preparing lunches and offering a never-ending replenishment of care and love, they do it all. She emphasises that mothers also deserve it all.

Since its release, Memoirs of a Working Mother has touched countless lives, leaving a mark on every reader. On the receiving end of high acclaim from different industry authorities, it has been praised because of its unfiltered and insightful truths.

Ultimately, this masterpiece aims to give readers a glimpse of what it means to be a mother who has to continuously weigh her options and consider how they will impact her family and professional growth. More importantly, it aims to drive home the point that women’s capacity to survive and flourish amidst life’s challenges is a testament to their force.

In the coming years, Linda Arrey plans to remain a passion-fueled advocate for women empowerment, helping women to thrive at home and in the workplace. Furthermore, she plans to continue acting as an advocate for working mothers and who are committed to succeeding personally and professionally.

More impactful endeavors are expected from this esteemed author and speaker in the future. As she pours out her heart into caring for her family, she also vows to be at the service of others through her books and professional initiatives.

Learn more about Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti by checking out her Facebook and Instagram. More information about Memoirs of a Working Mother can also be found here.




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