Kingdom Entrepreneur Kevin Mullens Steps Into Co-Ownership at Navan Global

Menachem Quintana
3 min readDec 9, 2020


After spending 12 years traversing the globe and building a team of world-changers, top entrepreneur Kevin Mullens has decided to transition into a new role that provides him an even larger platform to change lives. Partnering with industry icon Trey Knight at Navan Global, Kevin takes off his hat as a distributor and puts on a bigger one as the company’s co-owner.

Before partnering up with Trey Knight, Kevin Mullens was juggling ministry work with a small plumbing business he owned with his father. However, when the 2008 economic recession hit, the company was among those who bore the brunt of it, and Kevin was left picking up the pieces.

It was a good thing that Kevin grew up in a family close to God, and it was this relationship that gave him the strength to try again and recover the lost income. Scouring the places for the pieces which once formed the puzzle of his business, an opportunity through network marketing came to the leading entrepreneur.

“I will never forget the first time I realized I could earn passive income instead of linear income,” he shares. “I was most blown away that I didn’t need a fancy resume or credentials and that the earning potential was unlimited.”

Applying a business model that allowed Kevin to succeed while helping others up, he discovered his purpose as a kingdom entrepreneur thriving in the center of a multi-billion dollar industry. It wasn’t long before his tenacity, passion, and unusual determination led him to be featured in Success From Home magazine no less than three times, and multiple times in Business For Home, Who’s Who, and Prosper Magazine.

Aside from the editorial features, Kevin Mullens has also won countless awards for his unique ability to mobilize people and encourage change. These inspiring qualities of his built a doorway into Navan Global.

Navan Global is a company built for the hard-working entrepreneur looking for a better opportunity with better rewards. As someone who has been on the lower end of the spectrum, doing his best to recover the small business that he and his father nurtured, Kevin Mullens is driven to employ the principles of his faith and be a part of a company that puts people first.

“We are creating a culture that honors God and empowers our members with kingdom principles so they can successfully navigate the complexities of life and manifest their God Dream.”

Being a part of Navan Global and its crusade has helped the lauded entrepreneur further his purpose and help people discover and develop theirs. Through his company and together with his business partner, their company produces clean products that shoot all-natural energy with zero sugar and zero calories into aspiring entrepreneurs.

Navan Global offers real solutions to existing problems by providing a daily detox and restoring balance to the physical body. Not just ensuring good health, Kevin’s company also brings comfort and a financial safety net for all its clients with countless opportunities to build a recession-proof income from Navan Global’s innovative products.

Learn more about how Navan Global extends a hand to people looking to offset income loss or replace it. We are inviting you to join our community of dreamers who are living life with an uncompromising devotion to making a difference. Follow Navan Global on Facebook or its official website. For more updates on lauded entrepreneur Kevin Mullens’s entrepreneurial journey, visit his Instagram and Twitter profiles.