Hillorie Le’s Proven Cryptocurrency Trading Method Designed to Help Young People and Encourage Females to Achieve Financial Freedom

Crypto Queen Hillorie Le hopes to help other young people and millennials achieve financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading and enjoy the lifestyle they crave.

Seven years ago, Ms Le found herself stuck in an inspiring nine to five office role that often left her feeling drained and bored. But soon, the businesswoman will mark five years since she was able to quit her job as an accredited accountant and begin to live off of the consistent and significant income she has achieved through cryptocurrency trading.

Now, Ms Le wants to help others do the same.

Two years prior in 2014, Ms Le began to trade on the foreign exchange (forex) market under the guidance of a mentor. It took her two-and-a-half years of consistent and sustained training to reach a point where she was able to make a day’s salary on her own time, before heading into work. It was then she knew she could afford the lifestyle she wanted, without working for someone else.

The accountant-turned-trader spent the next year travelling with her partner through Australia and Southeast Asia. At the same time, she began to consider applying her knowledge to cryptocurrency.

“I first looked at Bitcoin back in 2014 but was too fearful to enter with my real money due to a lack of trustworthy information on how to acquire and trade Bitcoin safely,” Ms Le said.

“I knew cryptocurrency was the promised future so I took my success and knowledge in the forex market, applied the same principles and strategies, but tweaked it until I found something that worked in the fast-moving crypto markets.”

Once back in her home-base of Toronto, friends and family began to see Ms Le’s success. While she was spending hours studying charts, analyzing price movements of cryptocurrencies, and backtesting trading strategies to determine profitability, others asked for help as they wanted in too.

Ms Le was giving one-on-one Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading advice to friends, old classmates, and even people she had only met once when the coronavirus pandemic hit. From there, interest in her teachings only rose as the financial impact of the health crisis affected people worldwide.

In May 2020, she launched her Crypto Trading Mastery class, designed to teach novices how to open their first Bitcoin wallets and learn the fundamentals of buying, using, and spending their funds.

“This is a global revolution by education and I’m set on helping people step into the world of cryptocurrencies.

“Crypto is not supposed to be scary or over-complicated. Even if you don’t currently own crypto, never traded before, didn’t take finance in school, and even if you aren’t good at math, this can work for you.

“My goals are to single-handedly have a huge part in driving crypto adoption by helping others open their first Bitcoin wallets and get comfortable understanding, buying, using, and spending cryptocurrency because I know it’s our future”

Ms Le’s Crypto to Riches Trading Education business has helped thousands of people in more than 65 countries start their crypto journeys. Her mission is not over yet as she hopes to equip an additional one million families around the world with crypto and financial literacy and empower them to achieve financial freedom.

“There are no get-rich-easy schemes with crypto — anything worth doing takes work and commitment. You need to learn a simple and proven strategy before you can profit,” Ms Le said.

The businesswoman primarily wants to help young women enter the male-dominated field and set themselves up independently.

“As the first female crypto trading mentor and course creator in this male-dominant arena,” she says, “I hope this course will help introduce more women into crypto, trading, and finance.

“Women naturally make better traders and investors, as statistically reported by Wall Street and institutional trading floors.

“I have a lot of expecting moms and new moms in my course because of the COVID-19 baby boom. I am so grateful for being given the chance to positively impact these women’s lives, enabling them to spend time with their newborns and family without sacrificing their family’s financial stability.”




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