E-Commerce Domination: How Rick Contreras Did It

Menachem Quintana
3 min readFeb 11, 2021

Technological advancement and modernity reshaped society in the 20th century. The rise of the internet, comfortable modes of communication, instant connections, and the increasing number of surfacing online platforms made changes to all individuals’ everyday lives. The shifting dynamics of the world entails the demand to adapt for survival. It involves the need to be able to move along the tide and thrive. Los Angeles-born and raised Mexican-American entrepreneur Rick Contreras is an entrepreneur born to flourish in this era.

Rick Contreras’ innate inclination to entrepreneurship began to show at a very young age. As a teenager, he sold random things on Amazon and eBay for a few bucks. His first sale on the platform allowed him to discover the potential that Amazon had and empowered him to further explore the wonders of converting clicks to sales. Delving deeply into analyzing how selling on the platform works, he was able to master it after some time. Soon enough, co-sellers and companies recognized his expertise. People began to line up, and offers came rushing in as they tried to recruit him as the manager of their seller accounts. As he continuously expanded his knowledge, his client base kept growing.

Recognizing the hard work exerted by aspiring entrepreneurs and the existing business owners’ desire to step up their game on the field, Rick Contreras caters to all types of clients. From big and small companies, aspiring and already small business owners, Rick holds hands with his clients as they dominate the world of Amazon. Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs also line up to avail of his services as the only agency offering their services fully in Spanish.

His love for helping aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners integrate into this new e-commerce world is the underlying foundation of Rick’s success. He supported himself by continuously improving his skills and learnings to be able to be of help to others. Despite his current expertise in the field, his unceasing desire to improve what he already knows motivates him to master the innovative and ever-growing opportunities of the e-commerce world. It is the unwavering thirst for growth that inspires him to see his knowledge as a small portion of the wonders of the online world.

The 20th century is a century of changes and transitions. It is a century of adaptation. The demand for flexibility is rampant, and being able to cope and survive is a challenge. Rick is living for the survival and flourishing of businesses in the online world. He is working to assist those who find it hard to follow the pace of the changes. Rick Contreras manages seller accounts in the e-commerce world, and he will continue working hard to make his clients the legends of the online business world.

As Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, the opportunities that lie in it are endless, and they are there for the taking. As Rick Contreras demonstrated, success is only possible as you take your first steps toward your dreams. Learn more about him on his website.