Dr. Felicia Cunningham Spreads the Gospel and Entrepreneurship

Menachem Quintana
3 min readOct 20, 2021

The world is a global village, and even more so is the invention of the internet and social media. Today, things such as movements and trends can spread across every corner of the world within a matter of minutes. Therefore, when Dr. Felicia S. Cunningham decided to establish FSC Ministries, her goals were simple: reach out to an audience on a global scale, touch lives, and leave a lasting impact on every life that listens to her teachings and music. Described as a woman who understands the assignment and is never afraid to stand for what she believes in or represents her faith, Dr. Felicia leaves no stone untouched as she contributes her quota to the spread of the gospel and entrepreneurial success.

Felicia Cunningham is a gospel singer, songwriter, evangelist, and all-around-talented artist. But unlike many talents and artists, her peers have decided to spread the gospel about Jesus Christ to all who are willing to listen. She is driving in her message perfectly through her amazing tune and music style, touching lives and putting them on the path to salvation. Felicia is also a public speaker who speaks at events and conferences throughout the United States and beyond. Her speaking engagements border on her expertise, entrepreneurship with special attention on young people who are at a crossroads and on the verge of making life-altering decisions.

Dr. Felicia is often described as a well-rounded public speaker, singer, and entrepreneur who not only knows her onions but is determined to prove her mettle; therefore, her operational principle is founded on excellence and result. And being a result-oriented person herself, she is making a massive impact in every life she comes in contact with.

As a citizen of the world who is privileged to have visited several countries across continents, Dr. Felicia Cunningham is taking the message about Jesus Christ to even the most remote locations globally. Moreover, she currently shows no signs of slowing down. According to her, aside from her tenacity and the desire to excel, the love and support of the Holy Spirit keep her going even in her darkest hour; she draws her strength from the fact that she is touching and saving lives.

Dr. Felicia is fresh from releasing the latest in her, a candle Line called Pretty Peacock and coming on the back of a hugely successful 2020 single, “I Know,” which has been streamed more than 5 million times worldwide and is closer to becoming an Amazon bestseller. Dr. Felicia’s authentic message of hope from her journey, which is an inspiration, separates her from the bulk of gospel singers and public speakers in the industry today.

While noting that her decision to propagate the Gospel stems from her desire to help people be inspired and accomplished while transitioning to their own stories, five years from now, Dr. Felicia sees herself on the gospel music billboard charts in five years. At the same time, she hopes to have attained a state where she can keep publishing more books and music while giving it all every time she steps on a stage to speak.

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