DJ Pereira Becoming an Irrefutable Shining Star in Music and on the Radio

Menachem Quintana
3 min readMar 17, 2021

Having the lofty goal of becoming the biggest DJ and producer in New York City was not enough for Brayan Ospina, better known as DJ Pereira. He followed it up with hard work, grit, and dedication. Being the young DJ that he is, DJ Pereira is doing a lot of things that many people did not achieve at his age in the same profession. He is the youngest on-air talent in New York City FM Radio, and recently, on their 3–7 p.m. show, he reached number 1 with his partners. He has put in the work and is now trying to expand his reach by getting more people to know about him in New York and beyond.

DJ Pereira is signed to 50 Cent’s liquor company, Branson Cognac, which makes him the only Spanish DJ the company signed. He also played an instrumental role in getting Guaracha Music to go global on radio. His interest in music production has given him the opportunity to collaborate with notable artists such as Haracakiko Yomel el Meloso and Dixon Wax, the biggest in the Dominican Republic. On April 3, 2021, he will be dropping a new song and music video with these artists titled “No Lo Hay.” He is well-known as “The King of Guaracha” and “El Rey Del Perre” thanks to his influence in Guaracha (house music) and his collaboration with multi-platinum artist Nio Garcia.

DJ Pereira is well-established and influential with Spanish and Dominican audiences. His humble, kind. and determined approach to work has kept him on top of his niche, and despite being young, he already has a lot of feathers in his hat. On December 19, he played at a virtual birthday concert live from the Dominican Republic with Lirico en LA Casa Don Miguelo Haraca Kiko Chucky 7. This was a one-of-a-kind event, and DJ Pereira made it enjoyable for everyone in attendance. As such a huge figure in the Spanish audience and with notable connections in the United States, DJ Pereira sees nothing else ahead of him but growth. His passion for providing good music and entertainment to his audience has always kept him going and made him a people’s favorite.

He has some people he looks up to who inspire him and fuel his energy to keep going. One of those people is the well-known Dutch DJ, Tijs Michiel Verwest, also known as Tiësto. DJ Pereira sees Tiësto as the standard he wants to meet and surpass. “I always had a dream to be the biggest producer and DJ in New York, and while that keeps working out for me one step at a time, I respect Tiësto a lot, and it will be an honor to beat his records,” Ospina says.

Brayan Ospina has his sights firmly set on success, and his work rate from the start of his career till now has reflected that. He keeps putting his best foot forward, collaborating with notable artists and personalities, all in a bid to promote his brand. In his words, “Becoming big is my ultimate dream, but that starts with getting people to know my work globally.”

Learn more about DJ Pereira on his official website.