Blood Moon Project Redefines Digital Art and Design

Menachem Quintana
3 min readOct 30, 2021


The heyday of non-fungible tokens is here, and the crypto space is teeming with exciting and fun ideas. As it is, standing out amid the fierce competition can be a challenging feat. However, one upcoming project is creating a buzz for its fresh take on NFTs: the Blood Moon collection.

The promising venture is forging its own path for its thrilling concept based on the supernatural. It takes inspiration from the legend of the “Blood Moon eve” that occurs once every one thousand years when everyday men are unwillingly turned into vicious werewolves. The lore also talks about the exceptional Huntsmen of the North who hunt immortal werewolves for precious medallions.

The collection consists of 10,310 ominous NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It has much more diversity and artistic designs compared to its peers, and as a result, the generative NFT venture has successfully separated itself from the competition.

In addition, it includes creative properties and traits that are not typically found in any other project. Specifically, 99.8% of its artwork have detailed scenes as backgrounds instead of the usual color backgrounds that most other collections use.

Blood Moon’s artist and art director expounded on this incredible innovation and shared, “We have used properties/traits that haven’t been seen before in NFT projects. Most of the projects use the same common properties, just drawn slightly differently. For instance, we used a severed arm, hand holding different items from a human heart, a human head all the way to a dead bunny for example.”

Aside from its captivating designs and brilliant artwork, the project developers have also prepared a remarkable roadmap. For example, for every 1,000 minted tokens, 1 ETH will be given away to a lucky Blood Moon holder in that pool.

When the enterprise reaches the 75% milestone, 10 Rare Blood Moon NFTs will be airdropped to ten individuals who possess six or more tokens. Finally, when all of its tokens are minted, an exclusive, members-only merch store will be available to token holders. On top of that, Blood Moon owners with select traits will be receiving free merch.

Due to its extremely unique concept and impressive perks, the unique venture has captured the interest not only of crypto fans and NFT enthusiasts but also of individuals who are curious about the industry.

Currently, the creators are working on bringing more attention to the project. Their mission is to scale Blood Moon to the mainstream and become a blue-chip project. They also plan on reaching a wider audience and creating a community of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, they hope to educate the general public and pique their interests in cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and digital art.

Even though the collection has not been released yet, many are eagerly awaiting its release. Interested parties should be on the lookout as the collection is set to drop on November 13.

Learn more about Blood Moon NFT by visiting its official website, Twitter, and Instagram accounts or by joining its dedicated Discord server.