Ahaumna Finds Purpose In Helping People Achieve Success

“A difficult road leads to a beautiful destination” is a quote that would be a perfect one-sentence summary of Ahaumna’s life journey. The best-selling author of Creator Consciousness has built her own international business at the age of 27 and continues to grow by the day.

Drawing inspiration from her past struggles, she has thrived in the industry of life coaching and currently runs three successful businesses. Through her work, people have been able to heal and realize their dreams financially and spiritually, among other aspects, allowing them to achieve inner peace and their unique form of success according to their own definition.

The cycle of scarcity, suffering, and survival is difficult to break out of, but it is not impossible, and Ahaumna makes it easier for those who desire it. Her guidance comes through the form of her written works, online programs, and transformational retreats. She has witnessed thousands of people worldwide tap into their own potential of maximizing life’s abundance with her influence.

A genuinely concerned coach can touch the lives of their clients in ways that allow them to prosper. Ahaumna takes great pride and joy in the heartfelt gratitude she receives from her clients — proof that she and her efforts have made a significant impact on their lives. She works for her passions with such focus that inspires witnesses and motivates them to emulate her, which is why her clients have met with such success.

While Ahaumna may seem to be living the perfect life of purpose and enlightenment, she has had her fair share of hardships. There had been a time when life seemed to want to pull her down; she had been fired from her job on the same day she had ended her relationship, and could not even take a moment to rest as she came home to an eviction notice posted on her door.

The eviction turned out to be a miscommunication, but she took it to be a sign that some higher entity is pulling her out of her current situation to find her real purpose. It required a great deal of courage and faith, but she took the leap and donated all her belongings. She lived in her car as she traveled from state to state, visiting diverse forests to find peace and connect with the earth’s energy.

That experience led to the opportunity for her to realize her true self. She found purpose, thanks to the guidance of unseen forces in nature, and it is that same guidance that she uses to help their clients realize their true potential.

Still, disempowerment and uncertainty are human experiences and thus challenging to eliminate, and Ahaumna gets bouts of them from time to time. What matters is whether or not a person experiences these hardships, but how they respond to them. The immense spiritual growth Ahaumna’s journey brought her allows her to face her difficulties with a ferociousness the old her did not possess.

The difficulty is a part of human existence, and guidance from the wise makes is a privilege that not many enjoy. Find out more about Ahaumna and her journey by visiting her website.