A Better Chance for Youth Inc. Creates Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Menachem Quintana
3 min readAug 29, 2020


The youth is the future, and the success of our society heavily relies on the empowerment of the youth, which is why Monique Robinson leads A Better Chance for Youth Inc., which is a non-profit organization that focuses on strengthening communities through empowering the youth. The organization accepts volunteers and other group members who use data-driven models and resources to create a long-lasting difference in the lives of the youth and their communities.

A Better Chance for Youth Inc. actively seeks ways to equip the youth with the necessary skills to lead society as soon as now. They have caused a lot of positive change within the lives of youths by providing educational support and financial aid.

A Better Chance for Youth Inc. also provides different services for the youth, including consultancy on education, test preparation, community connections, and motivational speaking. The organization focuses on giving scholars from different minority groups the mindset to keep at their dreams of attaining higher education.

Monique Robinson received a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Wilberforce University. She also obtained a masters of education degree from Concordia University-Portland. She later picked up a certification in education leadership and accreditation on special education from Northcentral University.

A Better Chance for Youth Inc. believes in the power of education to positively impact the next generation. Monique Robinson aims to promote higher learning for all aspiring academics. For all the work that she has done in advocating for historically black colleges and universities, she earned the exemplary Teacher of the Year award for Imagine Schools in 2009.

They fully understand that education is essential for scholars. A Better Chance for Youth Inc. accepts donations from local businesses. They use those donations to create more opportunities for their scholars to further their educational journeys through their educators. They challenge their scholars through tests, tutorials, and other educational resources to get them ready for future life situations that might arise.

The board of directors and the volunteers from A Better Chance for Youth Inc. are available for various speaking events in schools, specific youth centers, and other organizations. The group organizes projects in hopes to increase their influence on the youth and to help them create income streams that will support them in the future.

A Better Chance for Youth Inc. is also focused on creating support programs that help families that belong to certain minority groups. These support programs are designed to educate the selected families on securing scholarships for their children and selecting schools with respect to the scholar’s input.

Since the organization’s foundation, A Better Chance for Youth Inc. has aimed to provide a better future for the youth by creating the leaders of tomorrow at such an early age. They believe that the best tool to properly mold a child’s future is education, which is why the organization does everything in its power to give education to as many kids as they can.

Find out more about the organization known as ABC Youth Inc. by visiting their official website.